Chapter 00 – Planning with Dragons

It was cool but not cold, the wind running quietly up the northern end of the bay and its long turn through the border between Viridis Company and Pirene. The dragon flight hunted and nested in the mountains behind where they stood. It had taken them almost a year to find each other again, and over a month to come to this place together. There was comfort in that.

“They know where they’re going,” said Kenley Dirac to her husband as they watched the dragons watching them in return. “They’ll find him and tell him.”

Finding him didn’t mean they could bring him back with them. “Unless he’s alone they won’t try to speak to him, and they won’t do anything more than show themselves if they can’t.”

“Few in our world can see them Luca. There is a chance. If this doesn’t work we will keep trying.”

He glanced at what remained of his creation as it burned. He still hoped his daughters would understand what he’d left them. If they did Fiona would find a way through. It had been a long and darkening time though, too long, but he still had some hope or he wouldn’t be standing here in a strange world watching strange animals blow hot smoke through their mouths.

“Kenley, we can’t stay here and wait for him, you know we can’t. We have another option, much harder I know but we’ll have to take it if this doesn’t work.” He reminded her gently, and with the same love he’d given her since they were married, love he believed she still gave him despite the change.

She didn’t answer.

The first and largest of the two, the female, rose into the empty air in one strike of bronze wings and a cloud of pale smoke. The other waited until she cleared the space, and in that quiet moment the woman called out, “Find him. Find him and then come home.”

“Yes,” breathed the second dragon. He took one long clawed step toward the edge. The dragons did not consider the task particularly urgent. They were not searching for something that was hiding or something that they intended to kill. It was, for them, a gentle task.

From the edge of the meadow where Marek and Robanna stood by the saddled white dragon’s side, the boy called out, “Fast flight, fast return.”

The second dragon took the air above the deep cold water, and, like the first, left smoke like a gift. The essence Luca had created exploded, white as the smoke and as ephemeral. It wouldn’t keep its light long but even invisible it would serve as the beacon home. It was almost the last of what he’d made and there would be no more.

Kenley Dirac turned and looked at her husband. They would find what they needed, he thought desperately. They would it and destroy the enemy and they would go home.

Or, at least, he would. He saw no way Kenley could ever go home again.


Link to explanation about who the hell these people are because I don’t understand how to make a separate page on WordPress: Sunburned-People and Places

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